Coding Reference Table for English

Version :1.0.4

Grammatical Categories

Reference Variants Example
noun n domain name (noun)
proper noun pn Internet (proper noun)
acronym acr http (acronym)
verb v to click (verb)
adjective a downloadable (adjective)
sentence “It’s your choice!” (sentence)

Linguistic Clues

Reference Variants Category Example Grammatical Category Restriction
noun proper noun acronym verb adjective sentence
the intuitive the roof panel x
a intuitive a lower hinge x
an intuitive an anti-theft horn x
to intuitive to right-click x
singular sg morphology news (singular) x
plural pl morphology trousers (plural) x
masculine m morphology Marius (masculine) x
feminine f morphology Maria (feminine) x
plural morphology doorman (plural : doormen) x
inflects like ilike morphology to format (inflects like : to quit) x x x
something to somebody sth to sbdy syntax to describe (something to somebody) x
to somebody to sbdy syntax to talk (to somebody) x
somebody something sbdy sth syntax to name (somebody something) x
somebody sbdy syntax to call (somebody) x
something sth syntax to design (something) x
preposition prep syntax accountable (prep : for) x x x
no preposition noprep syntax to handle (no preposition) x x x
first name semantic River (first name) x
last name semantic Bush (last name) x
location semantic San Diego (location) x
country semantic Slovaquia (country) x
city semantic Manchester (city) x
human hu semantic absorber (human) x x
non human non hu semantic absorber (non human) x x
product name semantic Microsoft Word (product name) x
company name semantic Apple (company name) x
context context to save (context : file) x x x
semcat is a context file (semcat : DOCUMENT) x
keep other meanings expert to use (keep other meanings) x x x
noun form expert to adjust (noun form : adjusting) x


Preposition Example
of to dream (prep: of)
for accountable (prep: for)
at to shoot (prep: at)
on an advice (prep: on)
by to walk (prep: by)
about anxious (prep: about)
against to fight (prep: against)
in to fit (prep: in)
to an adjustment (prep: to)
with to associate (prep: with)
upon to border (prep: upon)
from to prevent (prep: from)
into to translate (prep: into)
after to take (prep: after)
along to fetch (prep: along)
through to look (prep: through)
around to wander (prep: around)

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