Les équipes Oracle s'associent à SYSTRAN pour fournir des services de traduction automatique à Oracle.com

By using SYSTRAN, Oracle.com users will be able to rapidly and accurately translate texts and Web pages in the language of their choice by connecting to premier translation technologies.

SYSTRAN today announced that its technology is available as a “portlet” on the new Oracle.com site. This breakthrough feature will allow Oracle.com users to reach out and collaborate more effectively and quickly with customers, partners and employees worldwide.

“Companies need translation systems that are capable of quickly, professionally and accurately translating foreign language information” said Dimitri Sabatakakis, Chairman and CEO of SYSTRAN. “By leveraging our global machine translation expertise, and incorporating that technology into Oracle.com, we are working together to remove language as a barrier to communication and allow real-time, multilingual dialog.”

Oracle.com is a new portal for the business user that provides business users with a single entry point into Oracle’s E-Business Suite of business applications, enabling Oracle’s customers to create a personalized home page for all their essential business applications, services and information. Oracle.com features a new personalization button that enables users to customize their own version of the home page by selecting features from more than 160 services and applications for business users. As the service rolls out, Oracle.com is scheduled to provide access to all of Oracle’s online software services, all of Oracle’s traditional products and services, all of Oracle’s online communities, and all of the business content anyone would need to do their job, including both Oracle-related as well as role-specific business content.

“The ability to have access to all relevant business services and information from one site is what Oracle.com is all about” said Mark Jarvis, chief marketing officer at Oracle® Corp. “By offering SYSTRAN’s foreign language translation services as a portlet on Oracle.com, users will be able to easily access and accurately translate foreign language documents to enable real-time multi-lingual dialog all from their business home page.”


SYSTRAN develops and markets the world’s most scalable translation architecture designed for Internet, corporate and individual use. SYSTRAN’s core technology features products for the Internet infrastructure that contribute towards promoting communication in more than 35 language combinations and 20 specialized domains. SYSTRAN has been a leader in machine translation technology and applications for more than 30 years, developing products for the U.S. intelligence community, the European Union and Fortune 500 companies.

SYSTRAN’s software runs on Linux and all Unix platforms and also on MS Windows.

Headquartered in France, SYSTRAN has offices in Paris, San Diego, California, and in Luxembourg. For the latest information, visit www.systransoft.com.

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